Vibrating knife (Oscillating Knife) punching module

Vibrating knife (Oscillating Knife) punching module

Vibrating knife (Oscillating Knife) punching module High-performance knives for punching leather, rubber and textile materials at speeds up to 8 holes per second

Model:Punching module

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Features of Vibrating Knife Punch Module
You can perforate leather, rubber and all kinds of textiles - and it's amazingly fast! Powerful piercing tools, operating independently of each other and capable of using a variety of punches, form the main unit of this module. The oscillating knife module punch rotates during the punching motion, allowing precise perforations to be cut in tough materials up to 6mm thick. The advantage of this process is that the punching performance is excellent and the punching quality is excellent and consistent.

Advantages at a glance
Excellent, consistent hole quality.
Up to 8 holes per second.
Wide assortment of 0.5 – 5.5 mm Ø punches available from Zund.
Reliable waste removal into integrated receptacle.
Depending on module version, additional notching, marking, or piercing functions.


Widely used in packaging, advertising, clothing, furniture, bags, footwear, automotive, aerospace, seal, energy, composite, etc.

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