CO2 glass laser marking machine price

CO2 glass laser marking machine price

Lowest price CO2 glass laser marking machine is a new generation of laser marking systems based on traditional laser marking machine It adopts a new generation of glass-encapsulated CO2 laser,equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expander focusing system,industrial computer intelligent control,lifting working platform,marking The marking accuracy is high,the speed is fast,and it can be combined with the assembly line for online marking

Model: DX-CO1010

Applicable material: Suitable for Co2 laser marking machine for wood of various non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic and other surfaces.
Application industry: Widely used in wood, plastic leather, shoe materials, clothing, packaging, toys, food, beverages, medicine, daily cosmetics and other industries.
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Product description


CO2 glass laser marking machine

Technical Parameters



Processing Area(mm)

300mm×300mm 600mm×600mm (optional)

Laser power

100W-600W (optional)

Laser tube type

CO2 Glass Tube


Laser Marking

Marking Method

Three-axis Dynamic Focus

Processing Speed

≤10000 or 8000mm/s

Minimum Line Width


Location Precision

≤ 0.01mm

Minimum character spacing

≤ 0.4mm

Gross Power


Measurement (L×W×H)


Cooling type

Water cooling



Power Supply

220V/10Amax, 50Hz or 60Hz

Environmental requirements

Temperature: 1-45℃, Humidity: no condensation 5-95%

System/compatible Format

Windows 7/8/10,AI , PLT , DXF , DST ,BMP , JPG , JPEG ,PNA , TIF


Widely used in packaging, advertising, clothing, furniture, bags, footwear, automotive, aerospace, seal, energy, composite, etc.

Typical Applications

The excellent performance of the machine is widely used in all walks of life

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